Allan Harper

Financial Director


Inese Burnicka-Muizniece

Head of Financial and Legal division


Don't  loose another minute on manual budget management. Sign up and let us show you an easier way to control your budget.

I love the easy-to-use templates provided in Google Sheets to be able to import our budgets. 
Being able to track our financial budgets as they happen, is a game changer for us. 
Creating meaningful reports and management accounts have become quick and simple with this integration.

Powerful visualization

Control your budget in dashboards built from our templates and tailored to your needs.

All the features you need

Control expenses and set targets, use tables, graphs, gauges to visualize most important data and compare current period with previous one, drill-through to detailed records, dashboard delivery to your email at your specified time, report sharing with your colleagues and many more.

Let us show you an easier way to control your budget!

Automate your company's budget control and see progress any place in real-time.

Budget monitoring system that can show you the most actual situation and helps you to make wiser decisions faster.

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This is how it works

With the help from the managment is always keeping hand on the pulse about company’s direction and budget implementation. We have introduced united standard in all companies of the group and have saved a lot of time.
Actual results are always available and help us make decisions promptly.

Connect to your accounting and other system and import actual sales and financial data automatically.

See current situation with budget implementation visually, so you can notice trends and issues, and react quicker.

Budget entering in Google Sheets allows you to update budget any time from any place and collaborate with your colleagues. 




Main benefits

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